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It pains me to see such a disrespectful piece. Over 7 million jews were mercilessly slaughtered. Raul Wallenwhatever is a name I have never heard. 100,000 was not a significant number, and if anyone paid attention, the artist never said a thing about 100,000 jews being the total number slaughtered. It pains me to see such a significant piece of history, and a subject as serious as a world war for that matter, turned into an attempted comedy. I give you your props for the creativity and art. Sound quality, and the violence. Humor came only from the part when the "Jews" fell out of the train and the SS Guy said "Haha....That always makes me laugh." The least you could do is mention more about WWII and the severe losses of americans, canadians, russians, british and jews. Respect for the dead ya know? If it weren't such a serious time frame this was based on, I might have had a few more positive things to say. Keep trying....

Loved it.

Listen, to everyone that views this, if you haven't seen the icon series, watch it. That's what this is based off. So when there are lame reviews about it, asking what the hell it was, know the full story, don't bash it, and watch it. NOW onto the real review. Great bloopers! Just like the ones you might find on a DVD's extra features. You must have had a great time making the series and the bloopers. Graphics were traditional to the series and very well drawn. The audio(voice acting) was great! Much better than some of the other things I have disdainfully watched. Humor, it's a blooper reel right? It's supposed to be funny! It delivered all the hilarity of the series tenfold. Keep up the great work!

Very nice!

A very well executed short. Graphics were good, looked like something my friends and I would draw on paper and make into a mini comic heh. This had a nice theme to it and the overall style went great with the animation and graphics. Keep up the good work and remember, practice makes perfect!

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Spike02 You're DUMB!

First off, the game is excellent. No other flash game has gotten close to the level of prestige this game has. Fan-made characters are glimpses into the imaginations of the minds of hardcores. You should try finding an imagination. On to the actual review.

-The Good-
Diverse group of characters. Very entertaining. Good control schemes and animation sequences. The single player mode is lengthy enough to be fun and challenging at the same time. The auto-save feature is beautiful, it really makes life a whole lot easier. The multiplayer mode keeps the game interesting. The levels are familiar yet different.

-The Bad-
I couldn't help but find several minor glitches. It wasn't anything that could really destroy the game. Sometimes it feels a little n00b'd. While it's a good quality to make the game playable by everyone, there needs to be a super challenging mode. (I personally didn't find it very challenging.) Other than that, not a whole lot went wrong for me.

A wonderful game I will definitely play again. I hope you keep up the wonderful work. I look forward to more of your submissions!



This isn't half bad. It's a good concept and with a little more developing it could be a great Halo based mini-game. The spriting was smooth, the backgrounds weren't horrible, and the gameplay was fairly easy to grasp. The teabagging at the end was hilarious. It reminds me of what so many seven year olds do on Halo 3. Now for the good.

THE GOOD: Overall nice concept. It has alot of imbued humor that people should be able to get right off of the back. The situation is funny and it also reminds me of what happens when you get Hijacked by a total newbie. Bust out with a Battle Rifle to the head a couple of times and they are done!

THE BAD: No sound effects. No music. Very limited. If there were multiple levels it would be generations better. Add a weak spot such as the driver's face.

Keep up the good work! If you need music, I can custom make a song or two for your next flash game or whatever. You did a good job. Keep up the good work.

Loved it!

This is an awesome game! Some expansion would be nice, like different ornaments and decorations, but other than that it is a smooth, fun, and enjoyable game. Some things to improve on would be the music. I know if you don't like the sound turn the volume off, but maybe different tracks and familiar favorites. Great game and there were no lag issues for me but that might be because I have a fast computer. Anyhow, keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your work!

RSQViper responds:

I'm really glad you liked the game so much. One reason for only one song would be because at the time I hadn't a clue as how to make more than one inside a button. I was a total n00b!!! hehe!

Thanks for the informative review!

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This piece definitely hits close to home... The way the piano expresses a thousand years of infinite loneliness is only driven to a deeper level of macabre insanity by the pulsing of the lone heart. The shattered emotions in this song can resonate with anyone who knows what it's like to lose someone you love... The minimalist approach only adds to the hollow feeling, and I get a strong sense of longing for the past and how life used to be. For me this reminds me just how far from complete my life is now. I thank you for completely taking my emotions and translating them into this beautiful composition. My love for music almost died with her, but it's songs like these that help me cope. Mad love for this one. 5'd and Fave'd.

Another great remix. Totally stole my heart this time. Haven't heard from you in a LONG time. Message me sometime!

My friend....

Simply fantastic. You have really achieved what most musicians fail to. Music isn't about what style, but about what emotion you put into it and what you can envoke in other people. Let me just say this, I appreciate this song. It gives me a feeling like there may be hope for musicians in this generation to be considered true master composers. You have done such a beautiful job here. I wouldn't change anything. The sounds are fantastic and I wish I had your level of talent. The culmination of things I feel in this piece...Just wow. I've never honestly felt so....anything. I too know your loss. The only way to express it is through music, and even then it isn't enough to tell how you felt 100%. 10/10 and good will. I hope the best for you. You are a truly talented musician. Best wishes...

Dj-Flux responds:

Music isn't about how well you can do it, or what title is plastered behind your name, or even about if you can piece things together or not in a masterful way, it's all about emotion.

Music is emotion, music is soul, music carries a unique story for each individual and everyone can relate and connect to something such as this in their own special way.

It's a great thing to be able to share what I feel with other people, and I hope I don't lose my talent anytime soon. I hope to harness it, learn it, and focus it, and improve. :]

Try as hard as you can, and what does it give you? An empty feeling and a back ache.

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