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I've been back at it as of late and I finally got the time to work on a new loop. It's short, only about 53 seconds but it needs a percussion part. Now for information about it lol! It's the Powerstar theme from Super Mario Bros. I can't come up with one to satisfy my own tastes so I'm throwing it out there for whoever wants to give it a shot! Feel free to post it as your own, just be sure to give me credit for the melody and what not and tell me first. Thanks!

Triumphant Return

2008-04-05 01:10:13 by theDargoranMusician

After A long absence of music and making remixes I have returned. Thanks to a good friend of mine, a rekindled musician has emerged! First new song is MMX Zero's Theme...It's nothing special...Just a little mixed loop...Not long and I'm not sure how well it loops. The next one will be a Mario Brothers Remake...(Luigi's Mansion maybe?) I can't decide. Comments and suggestions appreciated! ^^

Alrighty then!

2007-07-26 20:16:30 by theDargoranMusician

I'm working on some SSBM mixes and some original pieces. I need some drummers to lay me down a drumline. If you are interested, send me a message and I will send you the files.